Best Facebook Joomla Extensions

The great thing about Joomla (beside the free use) is that you can expand the functionality as you want. There are thousands of extensions available for this CMS that enables you to have a custom built Joomla website.

Building a community around your website is very important; it will not only increase your reputation having more and more friends but it will also help you to bring more traffic to your website. As Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platform, everyone wants to have their own facebook fanpage. The good thing about these fan-pages is that you can embed the content of them into your website. Facebook provides a documentation and the code to this, however if you are not into programming you may want to look for some simpler solutions such as using a module or a plugin.

In this article I will show you couple of facebook modules and plugins for joomla, that you may want to integrate to your website.

Facebook like and sharing plugins and modules

These extensions enables the possibility for your website visitors to share or like your content.

Floating social bar plugin: this is a free plugin developed by TheGrue, that allows you to have a horizontal social sharing bar under the article title. The modules support google plus, twitter, facebook like and linkedin share as well. While scrolling to the bottom of the article, the horizontal bar will stick to the top of the page, so it will be visible all the time for the readers. This way you can gain more likes and shares.

Facebook like button: is a free plugin that allows you to add a like or share button anywhere in the content using a short code. After installing and enabling the plugin, just add {flike} into your article, and will show the like button. The downside of this plugin is that you have to add this code to every article, however it could be beneficial also if you want to enable the sharing option only on specific pages.

Facebook Fanbox modules for Joomla

These modules allow you to display four fans and followers on your website. It is also possible to display recent facebook feeds.

Facebook fanbox module: is a free joomla extension, that will display friend and post stream on your site. The module is very simple to use, after installation you just have to insert your facebook fanpage url and it is ready to go. This module can also be customized, using the in-built module parameters. It is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions.

Facebook wall feeds: this module will display your recent facebook wall feeds of your profile or your group. To function it only requires the account ID and access token. Unfortunately this is not a free module.

Facebook comment plugins for Joomla

Facebook comments for Joomsocial: is a paid joomla plugin, that allows you to enable facebook commenting on your Joomsocial templates. It is a lightweight plugin, so your website will still load fast using it, and you can get rid of the spam comments that you may get with other commenting systems.

AL Facebook comment box: is a free joomla commenting plugin using facebook application. It is an easy to use plugin and that has lots of features such as: receive email notification for new comments, moderation and distribution tools, option to choose sections, categories and frontpage commenting, showing number of total comments on a page, comment layouts, custom css styles, and others.

Facebook user authentication to Joomla

ODude facebook login: is a free module that allows users with a facebook account to login to your Joomla website without registration. So if you are offering content or downloadable materials for only registered users, this could speed up the process of your website visitors to access your content without going through registering to your site as well.

If you have some other suggestions of great facebook extensions for joomla please let me know in the comments.

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