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We are happy to publish this professional free joomla 2.5 template, that has been designed for corporate, business and company presentation websites. The template has a high quality design, with drop down menu, multiple collapsible module positions, slideshow module possibility, custom search module, search engine optimized layout. The template use our nivolisder module, please install this module to your website if you may like to have the same slideshow effects. The template content area is sliced in 2 columns and the modules above and under the content support 3 respective 4 columns. This great joomla theme may be used for any type of website.


Cristian March 7, 2012 Reply


I’, trying to use this template, but I have some problem with mantaining tamplate in other page that aren’t home. Why?
I set the template in joomla menu options

Thank you 🙂

    if you have installed the Joomla default content, the basic templates that are in the Joomla core installation are already assigned to different menus. Even is you install a template and set it to default, on some pages the basic templates will show up. You can just deactivate the template assignment in Extensions > Template Manager

    1. Select the template that has a green thick icon in the right side (this icon represent that the template is assigned to some pages)
    2. Remove the Menu Assignment from the menu and hit the Save button.
    3. Do this with all the templates that has this green icon.

    Hope this helps.

I think that this isn’t the problem. Using FireBug I detect that in home page the path for the style is href=”/templates/fjt001_j25/css/styles.css”, otherwise in other pages is href=”/index.php/templates/fjt001_j25/css/styles.css” . If I replace the second with the first I haven’t no errors.

I used Joomla 1.5 last year, i note that 2.5 version replace the url of the page differently. Before it was like this …/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=58 and now like this …/index.php/contattofox. Right?

Cristian March 8, 2012 Reply

Ok, I fixed the problem editing template php file, removing some baseurl ?> 🙂

Thanks for your great template .
In my case Dropdown menu and search division can’t be displayed.

Please introduce for me.


    Publish Main Menu module on position ‘menu’ and click YES for Show Sub-menu Items. This will enable the drop down navigation.
    Also publish a Search Module on ‘search’ position.

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