Flash Image Gallery Module Joomla 1.5

NanoPiecemaker is an Image Gallery module for Joomla 1.5 which comes with very nice flash effect. This module was developed using the fantastic Piecemaker framework created by modularweb.net

NanoPiecemaker enables you to add up to 5 slides into this flash gallery and change the sliding time and effects, width and height of the images and modules, enable or disable shadow and many other features controlled from the Joomla back-end, using the module parameters.

Nano Piecemaker Features

– Fully dynamic due to XML backend
– Short loading times due to external image loading
– Loads JPG, GIF and PNG images
– Supports all tween types from Caurina‘s Tweener class such as Bounce, Elastic, Cubic
– All tween parameters easily set from the module parameters
– No adjustments in the FLA file necessary


    Hello Cristian, we will upgrade it soon. Check back in the next days for the new version.

    The module was not updated yet to Joomla 2.5 and the templates were not converted yet to the new version of Joomla. Hopefully we will upgrade our templates and module to work with Joomla 2.5 next month.

    We will start with the template you mentioned above 🙂

“Unable to write entry” that’s the message I got when trying to upload “Piecemaker”

    The file and folder permissions does not allow you to upload anything. You will have to change the file and folder permissions to 777 to be able to install any extension or template. Please note that permission 777 is not recommended by security reasons. The best would be to contact your hosting provider and ask them to help in this situation.

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