FREE Joomla 3.4 and 2.5 Google Maps Module

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Help your potential customers find you easier. Place this nice Google maps module on your Joomla website and set the location of your business on the map.

This Joomla module use the Google Maps Javascript API to display the map. It also use a custom styled version, which allows you to choose the color of the map that matches best your template color. This is a free Google maps module, however if you want to use it, it is necessary to sing up with a free Google account and generate an API key which is required for the module to run.

On the developer’s website, everything is explained: on how to obtain the Google Maps API and how to configure this module.

Here is a screenshot of the module, displaying the address as well the pin on the map:

google maps module preview with address and pin

So, if you think this module could make your website better, go ahead and use it for free.


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