Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the best content management system, used by millions of websites world-wide. Joomla CMS is used by companies, corporations, non profit organizations, individuals and others. Each website needs hosting, but not every hosting provider may support Joomla or has Joomla optimized servers. Before you may sign up with a hosting company, you have to know your needs. Answer the following 3 questions and you will be pointed to the right hosting provider:

1. What type of hosting pan can I afford?
2. Am I good with Joomla and web hosting control panels?
3. Is my website a personal or business project?

Here are the answers:

1. If you can afford to pay $5-$10 a month for hosting, you have to consider a shared hosting plan. For $20-$50 a month you can get a nice virtual server, where your Joomla site can benefit from the server resources and can grow. For higher budget you may want to buy a dedicated server.

2. If you are new to Joomla and hosting, do not go with a company that does not provide tutorials, live support and free Joomla installation. It will be annoying to do everything by yourself, without any help. Even if you are using Joomla for years and you have a good technical knowledge in the web hosting industry, I highly recommend choosing a hosting provider, that has Joomla optimized servers.

3. The server performance and cost can be determined by the type of your website. For personal site you may not want to spend to much and you may not care about the performance. For business Joomla sites it is essential to be hosted on a reliable server; you should also consider guarantees network uptime, backups, security and technical support. A business website should be online 24/7.

I have tested many hosting providers that allows Joomla on their servers, but only few of them worth the money. Here are the hosting companies I would recommend with coupon codes included.

iPage Hosting

ipageFor personal websites, I would highly recommend iPage. They are in the hosting business since 1998, offering easy to use, and affordable web hosting service. iPage control panel is easy to use, vDeck has many great inbuilt features like domain and email management, one click Joomla installation, etc.


bluehostFor small and medium sized business websites I would recommend BlueHost. The hosting company is on the market since 1996, managed by an experienced team. They focus providing high performance shared hosting service and they got lots of positive feedback from their customers.

InMotion Hosting

inmotionIf you are planning to build a big website, the first thing you may thing off is the hosting plan upgrade possibility. InMotion hosting offers shared hosting, virtual server hosting and dedicated servers. With InMotion you can upgrade your hosting package as your site grows. I recommend InMotion hosting for business, corporate and community websites.