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You probably know the popular jQuery slideshow plugin developed by Well we have converted this plugin into a Joomla 2.5 module, and our new templates are using this module. Most of the template has custom styles for this module, so if you would like to have the same design effect as in our demos, please use this module.

Module Features

  • 16 unique transition effects
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Loads of settings to tweak
  • Built in directional and control navigation
  • Keyboard Navigation

Available Module Parameters:

Richard Paul-Jones February 17, 2012 Reply

I want to use your slide show under it’s own menu listing but cannot find out how to add it to position-12 in Beez2.

I can add it to a position provided there is alraedy an article with a menu listing. But this means I have to show the article. This cannot be right

I tried clicking Menu Manager / Add New Menu Item and find a link to the slideshow under Menu Item Type / Select , but cannot find the module listed of any other option which allows me to load it.

I know I am not understanding somethimg, I just don’t know what…




    I have created a tutorial on how to create new module and assign it to a specific menu here.

    In your case this require additional configuration.
    If you want to display the slideshow on a specific page, but do not want to display content on it, you will have to create a BLANK article (contain only spaces or line breaks). After you are done with this, go to the Menu Manager, create a new menu point linking to this blank article and set up the options: hide title, hide dates, hide hits, hide navigation, etc…
    After you are done with this, please follow the tutorial I listed above.

    Good luck!

Hello! How can I force to display my images in order?
I named my images 001, 002, 003. Somehow the first image shown is 003.

Thanks for the answer. Uploading in order not worked but renaming to slide_001, slide_002, etc. solved my issue.


I installed the plugin and created a new module. I want to let it be shown on position-12 but only the title shows up. The directory is the right one, because with the default module ‘random picture’ it works.

What am I doing wrong here?


No, I didn’t. This is another module and not yours. The problem is still there 🙁

    If you deactivate the other slideshow module, the problem with our module is still on? This issue my be caused by jQuery conflict. If you are loading multiple modules that using jQuery you may get this problem.

I see.. in this case I will deinstall this module again.. because the header slideshow is a must for my homepage and also part of the template.

But thanks for your help.

When I add your slideshow it causes my home page content to be shifted slightly to the left compared to all of my other pages. I’ve looked through the CSS code and haven’t found the problem so far. Any suggestions? The framework of my site can be seen at


    Sorry, but on your preview everything looks fine to me. Could you send me a screenshot?

Dear Admin,

Well I’ve got it working somehow but there’s some problem & I don’t think anybody else experienced it before.

I have 7 images in the folder of same dimensions, but its showing only 1 image, why is that ?
And at the bottom of slideshow, its showing 14 dot/circles & I can’t understand what’s going on…..please help !


    Are you sure you pick up the right folder? I did not experienced this problem before. It is really strange to me as well.


I am experiencing an issue with this module. I will be uploading scans or photos of drawings to this site that will be displayed with this module. These images are originall 11 x 14 inches. and I reduced that in size and converted to pixels and come up with 600px width by 764px height. now it is No problem to change the image w and h in the parameters of the module however the frame size remains the same. I wanted the frame that the pictures are displayed in to be resized as well so there are not gaping holes on one side or the other. Any ideas?

Hi at all, unfortunately I’ve got a little issue with the plugin. Moreover it is the same Problem Raza had or even still has got.
I have uploaded 9 pictures named as the following with current number:

The Issue is that only the third picture is loaded at the fifth position. Other pictures won’t be loaded.
At the bottom of the slideshow there are only six dotts/circles instead of 9 for each pic one.

Could you help me? Thanks
Guido 🙂

    The image ordering was not fixed yet.

    Regarding the other issue you have: did you checked if the images were uploaded correctly? What file formats are you using? You have any special characters in the file names? I have checked this slideshow with 10 images and works fine for me.

is there a limitation on using this module in a website? I copied the module several times (9 in total at this moment) to show a different slideshow on every page of my website, but not all slideshows are shown. Most of the time the first created slideshow is shown in the page, never the four last created slideshows.
Can you give me a hint?


Sorry for the inconvenience, I already solved my problem. Forgot to deselect pages in the other modules…..

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